Degritter Mark II

Ultrasonic Record Cleaner

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  • The Degritter Mark II features an updated look and feel
  • Ultrasonic cleaning now uses “pulse mode” to improve the cleaning effect
  • Configurable drying fans
  • Equipped with multiple sensors to constantly monitor the state of the machine
  • 7" and 10" adapters available (sold separately), also available in silver



Degritter MARK II offers sophisticated ultrasonic cleaning and smart functionalities for more convenient use.

New features:
Ultrasonic Power Drive 2.0 – stronger, but safe for the record
Pulse Mode cleaning – better cleaning effect, low power consumption
Polished exterior design – in keeping with our high design standards
The MARK II is about 20-30% more efficient than the MARK I

Distinctly Automatic
The Degritter is fully automatic, requiring no additional effort after the cleaning cycle has started. Use the free time for listening to records instead of cleaning them.

Simple Water Management
The machine has a convenient removable water tank for replacing cleaning water.

Perfect Touch Buttons
We have perfected the feel and function of the machine’s buttons. The rotations and presses provide most satisfying feel you will be unable to let go of.

Active Filtering
Cleaning water is pumped through a replaceable filter during washing. Continuous filtration keeps removed dirt from ending back up on the record.

Record Safe Temperature Control
Degritter monitors water temperature and prevents it from rising to levels harmful for vinyl records. High temperatures are managed by automatic cooling cycles.

Smart Drying
Records are dried by a flow of filtered air. Both the drying time and fan speed can be adjusted to keep noise levels in check and to prevent static electricity build up.

Postwash Rinse Option
Degritter supports rinsing records during washing cycles with the help of a separate water tank.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Architecture
4 Transducer Layout - Ultrasonic cleaning tank that’s in Degritter is purpose built for vinyl records. The tank has two ultrasonic transducers on either side emitting 120 kHz ultrasonic vibrations, evenly distributing the cleaning energy across the record’s surface.

Power Drive 2.0 – NEW!
Degritter has significantly improved fault detection with the MARK II. The control boards in the new MARK II machines now periodically check up on the internal state of the ultrasonic amplifier and if the amplifier is not feeling well, the device will notify the user.

With MARK I machines, the device had a simplified overview of the ultrasonic generators status and on very rare occasions, it was possible for the ultrasonic cleaning to fail without the machine notifying the user about it. This is no longer possible with the MARK II.

Pulse Mode – NEW!
Pulse Mode cleaning is a feature offered by the Power Drive 2.0 ultrasonic generator. During pulsing, ultrasonic transducers rapidly switch on and off at high power. This gives enhanced cavitation in water, but keeps the average power consumption low.

Frequency Sweep
The original Degritter had an even distribution of cleaning energy across ultrasonic emitters with its Frequency Sweep functionality. By moving the ultrasonic frequency up and down within a few kHz the machine is tapped into the different resonances of the transducers ensuring equal cleaning effect on the record’s surface regardless of location.

The MARK II has improved the Frequency Sweep functionality with a more precise sweeping window. Narrower sweeping window reduces the amount of time the ultrasonic amplifiers are not working on their resonance frequency. Simply put, this is good because while the cleaning effect is evenly distributed in both machines, the loss of energy with narrower Frequency Sweep is significantly less on MARK II.

The driving frequency of the Power Drive ultrasonic generator sweeps between 120-125 kHz. This evens the cavitation energy distribution in the water, minimizing losses and giving an uniform cleaning action.

300 Watts
The average power output of all the washing programs is 300 W. This makes Degritter the most powerful ultrasonic record cleaner on the market per litre of water. The higher 120 kHz driving frequency keeps your records safe.


Tech Spec


37 × 28 × 21 cm
14.6 × 11 × 8.3 in

9 kg
20 lbs

Supported Voltage
100 V – 240 V AC

Ultrasonic Cleaning
120 kHz / 300 W

Frequency Sweep
Pulse Mode

Water Tank
1.4 L
0.37 gal

Noise Levels
50 dB – 70 dB
Depends on the drying fan power settings

Cleaning Medium
Distilled water plus 1-2 ml of cleaning fluid

Cleaning Time
5 min – 10 min
Depends on the washing program and drying settings


Warranty: 2 Years

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Degritter Mark II

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