Selling Us Your Vinyl or CD Collection

We will buy your complete record collection or just unwanted items

If you are looking to sell all or just a small part of your record collection (Vinyl or CD), we are ready to buy!

Our unique "Buy My Vinyl" system provides a searchable list of vinyl records and CDs, and makes an instant price offer.

We are interested in all types of Vinyl and CD collections and pay probably the best prices in the world. The price we pay is calculated upon the condition and the overall content quality of your collection.

Sell your vinyl records and CDs online - we will pay he best prices for your vinyl records and CDs

1. We will travel locally in the West Midlands to buy collections around 2,000 units, anywhere in the UK for collections over 3000 units and anywhere in the World for collections over 10,000 units.

2. The "Buy My Vinyl" system is there for your benefit. Check your record collection there, as we may be able to offer a higher price than anywhere else for specific records from your collection. Please be aware that your record must match our database entry exactly to qualify for the price stated, so please check carefully before sending.

3. To maximise the amount we will pay for your collection please ensure that it is as presentable as possible ie, ensure that records are in their correct sleeves, all price labels have been removed and the vinyl is in good clean condition.

4. If you wish to travel to Birmingham to have your collection valued, please contact us first so we can allocate the correct buyer to greet you. This is by appointment only and must be pre-arranged otherwise we not be able to accommodate you.

5. Appointments are only available Monday to Friday 10am to 4.30pm. To arrange an appointment please contact

6. We don't just purchase dance music collections, we are also very interested in Soundtracks, 70's & 80's, Disco, Soul, Pop and Rock Music as long as it's on Vinyl or CD.

7. We will always make you an offer and promise to take care of everything for you, even if that means us having to unload 10,000 records from your loft or down 10 flights of stairs.

8. We will pay for your collection via a HTFR company cheque.

9. Please be assured your record collection is going to a good home.

Overstocks, Bankrupt Stock, Closed Record Stores...

We are also interested in buying surplus or overstocks from any radio DJ, reviewer, shop, distributor, record label or record company from anywhere in the world, simply email

Our CD, Vinyl collection & Overstock buying team

Our Buying Team

We deals with the buying all styles of music. We also specialise in newer second hand collections, and purchasing bulk overstocks from record distributors and labels. Contact our buying team via email at

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