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4 steps to turning your music into cash!

Sell your vinyl records and CDs online for the best prices. We will pay cash for your unwanted vinyl records and CDs.

Sell your vinyl records and CDs for cash - search by barcode, catalogue number, artist and title
Find the Barcode or Catalogue Number
Search the Artist or Group and Record Title
Select the corresponding items to sell
Confirm your details and send your items
Sell your vinyl records and CDs by barcode or catalogue number

Step 1: How to find the cat no. / barcode

To sell us your music we must first identify what you have so we can get the best price for you. The easiest way to do this is by catalogue (cat) number or barcode.

Each vinyl has a cat number on the center run out groove, to find this look around the outside of the label sticker near the center of the vinyl. The cat number is made of two parts, the first being the record label, the second part is the release number on that label. For example Defected records release 50 would have the code DFTD050.

If it's a CD you want to sell the cat number is generally in two places, on the CD itself and on the case spine. The cat number on the CD is found on the back around the center. The second place it can be found is on the spine of the CD case, please see our images to the left for examples.

For any item you want to identify by barcode all you need to do is simply type in the numbers that appear underneath it, as per the image to the left.

Sell your vinyl records and CDs by artist and title

Or: Searching by Artist & Title

If you can't find the catalogue number and the item does not have a barcode, you can search with the Artist & Title boxes.

Type the full artist & title details of the item you wish to search for and the results will appear in the list. If there are multiple results please make sure you select the right one, sending the item on a wrong label or format (ie promo, etc.) will result in a Market Value price instead of the more expensive listed one. Getting exact matches will ensure you get the maximum price for your collection.

Select the vinyl records and CDs that you wish to sell

Step 2: Select the Items you want to sell

Once you have inputted everything, click continue.

After selecting all the items you wish to sell using the "find your vinyl for CDs to sell" box, click the continue button. This will then take you through to a summary page showing you your list of items and the total value of the sale. On this page you can also edit the quantity or go back to the previous page and add additional items. When you are happy with all the items that you wish to sell please click confirm.

Confirm your details

Step 3: Confirm your details & send your items

Now all we need is for you to confirm who you are and send us your items!

After confirming all your items you will be taken to a details page. Please ensure all of your details are correct and then click sell items. Our systems will then finalise the sale and create a PDF for you. The PDF contains an address label for you to attach the items that you are sending us and also a copy of the final sale. For our packaging tips please see the FAQ.

As soon as we receive your items they will be reviewed for quality and list relevance. Please be aware that all payments will be sent to you by cheque. For all terms and conditions please click here.

*Hard To Find Records will pay 5 toward postage if 25 to 50 vinyl are received. We will pay 5 for every 25 vinyl after that (Eg 50-75 vinyl will be 10, 75-100 vinyl will be 15 etc).

We will buy large collections of vinyl records and CDs

Large collections

If you have a large collection, get in touch!

If you feel that your collection of vinyl is too large to use this site, we can still accommodate your needs. Please email our buying team on For more information, please click here.

We will travel locally in the West Midlands to buy collections around 2,000 units, anywhere in the UK for collections over 3000 units and anywhere in the World for collections over 10,000 units.

For smaller collections (1,000 - 2,000 units) we ask you to bring them to us in Birmingham Or, if we can agree a deal over the phone or by email we will send our own van or courier to you at a time and date of your convenience to pay and collect.

If you wish to travel to Birmingham to have your collection valued, please contact us first so we can allocate the correct buyer to greet you. This is by appointment only and must be pre-arranged otherwise we not be able to accommodate you. Appointments are only available Monday to Friday 10am to 4.30pm. To arrange an appointment please contact

The smallest quantities we will purchase are 20 items or when the total value is over 20.00.

For bankrupt stocks or record labels with surplus items, please click here.

If you would rather download the list of our wanted vinyl and CDs, please click here.

We have been buying second hand record collections for over 20 years and promise you a stress free service.

Please be aware that we do not purchase any counterfeit or bootleg records / CDs or music that contains uncleared samples.

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